An individual may be referred to Alana Healthcare if their insurance company or other entity is contracted with Alana Healthcare. In addition, the individual to be referred must have been diagnosed with or recently hospitalized with COPD, CHF, ESRD, or Diabetes. All referred individuals will receive a letter and a phone call providing more information about the program. Enrollment into Alana Healthcare’s Chronic Conditions Solution Management program is completely voluntary.

Our goal at Alana Healthcare is to help our members wherever they are along the care continuum. Our programs for patients diagnosed with COPD, CHF, ESRD, or Diabetes are patient-centered and engage the patient's physician to coordinate care. Our Patient Care Team comprised of respiratory therapists and nurses ensures information is provided to the physician and case managers to assist in decision-making.

How Our Program Works for Patients

Alana’s Program Directors and Patient Care Teams work with each member to develop a plan and process that best fits your needs and your situation. Our interdisciplinary team delivers comprehensive programs aimed at providing patients with the resources they need to avoid hospitalizations.

As our Care Teams work with each enrolled member, they educate members on nutrition, exercise, medication management, good health habits, self-managing their own health, and improving their quality of life.

Patients enrolled in our programs have access to the Alana Healthcare Care Team 24/7/365; that supports the patient, health plan partners and primary care physicians at all times.

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