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There are many different drivers that are increasing the cost of healthcare in this country, but there are two that are so closely tied together and causing huge headaches for health plans – chronic disease and hospital/ER admits. When you couple the fact that advances in medicine are keeping Americans alive longer than ever before, and lack of healthy lifestyles are leading to more people with chronic health issues, you are going to have a bigger and growing population dealing with chronic conditions and putting a strain on the health system as a whole.  

Alana Healthcare is changing the landscape and leading the transformation by addressing chronic conditions like COPD, CHF, ESRD, and diabetes head-on. Alana Healthcare partners with health plans to provide chronic illness-based health education, medications management, and heath monitoring to support and assist health plan members with physical symptoms, emotional needs, and social guidance in order to improve their quality of life and reduce hospital utilizations. This hands-on, high-touch clinical model is provided by a team of nurses, respiratory therapists, and social workers has proven to reduce the number of member admits to the hospital and visits to the ER, while saving our health plan partners millions of dollars annually.

Each month we will add a new document to this page to highlight what we do, how we do it, and the effect it has on members and health plans alike. Check back each month for a new topic, or click here to get added to our email list.  

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