Programs & Services


Alana Healthcare employs experienced respiratory therapists and nurses to help patients and their providers create a new culture of patient-centered care. This team-focused and partnership approach improves quality of life and reduces healthcare costs for chronic patients.

Alana Programs: Covering the Continuum of Care

Our healthcare professionals work with patients across the entire chronic disease spectrum. We oprovide services in the home environment, at skilled nursing facilities, hospitals, and outpatient care centers.


Chronic Care Management

Alana chronic care management programs are focused on improving quality of life, reducing the overall healthcare utilization, and preventing disease escalation for those suffering from chronic cardio-pulmonary illnesses. Alana delivers personalized high touch clinical and education based programs carried out by its licensed clinicians who treat patients within the home, with supplemental remote and telephonic support. Patients’ have seen their hospital utilization reduced by over 65%, while their quality life has increased by 33% through Alana programs.

Facility Services

For high acuity patients in need of more intensive services ranging from respiratory therapy to invasive ventilation we work closely with skilled nursing facilities, hospitals, and specialized outpatient centers. Patients are referred on a case-by-cast basis by physicians, case managers, and preferred provider agreements with hospitals. Facilities are billed directly for services provided by Alana Healthcare.

Home Services

Members with less acute needs but who have chronic diseases and are dependent on Non-Invasive Positive Pressure Ventilation or BIPAP, we offer skilled in-home therapeutic care. Case-by-case referral sources include individual payers,  physicians, and case managers.