Value Proposition & Partner Benefits

Reduced hospital utilization
Improved patient outcomes
Positive ROI on Alana Programs
Unique programming for chronic disease management
Improved patient satisfaction


Your Partner in Chronic Care Management

Alana Healthcare is a post acute care provider committed to excellence and innovation with our health management programs, working with each patient to improve quality of life while focusing on reducing the overall cost of care for our healthcare partners. Alana helps manage complex chronic conditions more effectively while delivering cost savings.



Our Focus is You

At Alana Healthcare, we’re focused on improving quality of life and lowering healthcare costs. We accomplish this by becoming a partner in chronic condition management and helping reduce the overall need for healthcare.

We rely on clinically-based disease management programs to teach techniques to self-manage, addressing both the disease process and focusing on a healthier lifestyle.



Alana Healthcare Coverage Map

Alana Healthcare is an innovative health solutions company providing high-touch support and education for people living with chronic cardio-pulmonary diseases. Alana provides outcome-driven and patient-centered care that builds and leverages partnerships to enrich the care continuum.

We help patients and caregivers across post-acute care settings, from inpatient facilities to the home environment. More than 86% of our employees are licensed clinicians and we partner with companies across the healthcare space including skilled nursing, hospitals, and individual payers.

Improve Quality of Life and Lower Costs