Chronic Care Management

Alana’s Program Directors and Patient Care Teams work with you to develop a plan and process that best fits your needs and your situation.


Core Services

Our CROM™ (Comprehensive Respiratory Outcome Management) and Heart Success Program are focused on reducing healthcare costs (partners and patients), improving quality of life, and educating patients to be able to self-manage their health. Our interdisciplinary team delivers comprehensive programs aimed at providing patients with the resources they need to avoid hospitalizations.  Patients enrolled in our programs have access to our care team 24/7/365; supporting the patient, health plan partners and primary care physicians at all times.



Chronic Cardio-Pulmonary Programs

At Alana Healthcare, we are equipped to help our members wherever they are along the care continuum. Our programs are patient centered and engage the patient's physician to coordinate care. Our Patient Care Team ensures information is provided to the physician and case managers to assist in decision making.

Hospital Readmission Prevention

  • COPD, CHF or Asthma discharge to home.
  • Patients discharging from hospitals with a DRG within the penalty categories (where the patient does not require NIPPV or BIPAP).
  • Enroll patient into Alana’s readmission prevention program and provide monitoring & services for their first month home.

Population Health

  • Payer members with chronic cardio-pulmonary illness (primarily COPD, CHF, Chronic Bronchitis and Emphysema).
  • In-home visits, tele-monitoring and telephonic contrats.
  • Duration: 6-12 months transition to lower acuity or maintenance program.

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Value Proposition & Partner Benefits

Reduced hospital utilization

Improved patient outcomes

Positive ROI on Alana Programs

Unique programming for chronic disease management

Improved patient satisfaction

Independently verified health outcomes and ROI


Alana HealthCare’s Proprietary Care Management Platform

Chronic Care Management Services

Alana HealthCare’s Proprietary Complex Care Management Platform

Evidence Based

  • Reduce hospital utilization by over 70%
  • Pricing model sharing “rise” with partners.
  • Proven results in a test vs. control analysis
  • Clinical pathways are research-driven
  • Improved patient quality of life

Clinical Solutions

  • Prevent chronic disease escalation (CHF, COPD, and other respiratory illnesses)
  • Drive behavioral change
  • focus on patient self-management
  • Rooted in disease and lifestyle education
  • High-touch with telemonitoring
  • Sick day and exacerbation management
  • 24/7/365 on-call support

Advanced Informatics

  • Algorithm based patient stratification
  • Rich and robust data warehouse, pairing patient demographics with unique clinical data points
  • Drive improvements in “Stars Quality Measures” via data sharing with physicians
  • Provide standard and ad-hoc analysis
  • Statistically sound analytics and results for payer partners

Technology Driven

  • Proprietary software for EMR, clinical solutions workflow and telemonitoring
  • HIPAA compliant
  • Partner portals for member management, billing and referral processing
  • Platform services as a communication hub for health plans, physicians and providers
  • Workforce and productivity management

Care Coordination Processes

Client Care Management Process

Care Coordination Processes

Payer Case Management

  • Reporting & patient data exchange
  • Weekly care coordination meetings
  • Shared patient onboarding lists and mutual prioritization

Patient PCPs & Physician IPA

  • Immediate consultation on issues and on-call questions

  • Monthly patient reports and clinical/visit notes

  • Quarterly IPA meetings, for program updates/outcomes


Partner Medical Directors & Management

  • Quarterly (or as decided) reports on program outcomes and impact

  • Review of all patient assessments and changes in care

  • Full program assessment and analysis 2x per year