Alana Healthcare supports our partners with care management programs for their chronically ill members, providing scalability to cover their affected populations, and solutions which are individualized to each engaged member in order to maximize program benefits. Alana programs are supported by predictive modeling to identify members for enrollment, robust data collection to increase our Partners' visibility into their member base, and dedicated clinicians who work with patients face-to-face to build relationships.


Alana chronic care management programs are focused on improving quality of life, reducing the overall healthcare utilization, and preventing disease escalation for those suffering from chronic cardio-pulmonary illnesses. Alana delivers personalized high-touch clinical and education-based programs carried out by its licensed clinicians who treat patients within the home, with supplemental remote and telephonic support. Patients’ have seen their hospital utilization reduced by over 65%, while their quality life has increased by 33% through Alana programs.

Partnership Benefits

We work with our Partners to conduct risk analysis, develop individualized healthcare plans based on patient needs, and use data to drive better results. It’s our goal to improve care while lowering costs. This model means that our Partners can develop a better understanding of their community’s overall health, use data to drive important financial decisions, maintain access to key population health data indicators, and most importantly, improve the health of at-risk populations within the community.

Partnership Goals

·      Improve patient outcomes and quality of life

·      Implement strategies to help members develop healthy habits

·      Reduce hospital and ER utilization

·      Bend the healthcare cost curve

·      Implement a hands-on, high-touch clinical model

·      Produce ROI-positive programs

·      Availability of risk-sharing structures

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Value Proposition & Partner Benefits

·      Independently validated reduction in hospital utilization and 30-day readmission by more than 50%

·      Independently validated positive ROI in the form of savings on medical spend of at least 2:1

·      Ability to gain data to support or impact 17 HEDIS/STARS/ACO metrics

·      Data-rich technology verifies improved clinical outcomes

·      Unique programming for chronic disease management

·      Improved patient outcomes and quality of life

·      Improved patient satisfaction

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Experienced Clinicans

Alana Healthcare employs experienced respiratory therapists and nurses to help patients and their providers create a new culture of patient-centered care.

This team-focused and partnership approach improves quality of life and reduces healthcare costs for chronic patients.