Alana Healthcare supports our partners with care management programs for their chronically ill members, providing scalability to cover their affected populations and solutions which are individualized to each engaged member, maximizing program benefits.  Alana programs are supported by predictive modeling to identify members for enrollment, robust data collection to increase our Partners' visibility into their member base, and  dedicated clinicians who work with patients face-to-face to build relationships.

Partnership Benefits

We work with our partners to conduct risk analysis, develop individualized healthcare plans based on patient needs, and use data to drive better results. It’s our goal to improve care while lowering costs. This model means that our partners can develop a better understanding of their community’s overall health, use data to drive important financial decisions, maintain access to key population health data indicators, and most importantly, improve the health of at-risk populations within the community.

Our partners enjoy our innovative, adaptable, and responsive approach to healthcare.

Partnership Goals

  • Improve patient outcomes and quality of life
  • Implement strategies to help community members develop healthy habits
  • Reduce healthcare utilization
  • Bend the healthcare cost curve
  • Risk-sharing
  • ROI-positive programs